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Global Scholarships


Global Scholarships is a database holding lots of scholarships which are available to students who would like to study at university. This is a global database so holds scholarship information for a wide range of different countries.

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This site is run by a company that supports university applications and whilst its university database is not exhaustive, within the application requirements tab on each university profile they have the average IB scores accepted and where available the application success rate.
They also have average living costs for the area, rankings overviews and some scholarship information.
Be aware that they list programs in all languages, not just English and the IB scores and success rate percentages are averages across the whole institution. However, they are a good indicator if the university does not publish more detailed information.

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Explore the university profiles for this country on the CareersExplore Platform.

EHL Hospitality Business School

A small, vibrant, international campus with a real community feel!

Single Focus Institution - A business school with a touch of hospitality, giving you great know-how and soft skills.

City Campus, City Island Campus, Suburban Campus

Small Institution <5000

Areas of Study


Glion Institute of Higher Education

Glion sets itself apart on three keywords, Luxury, Corporate, and Personalised. The small class sizes and international culture fuel the “Glion Spirit”!

Undergraduate Degrees (BBA in International Hospitality Business)

Suburban Campus

Small Institution <5000

Areas of Study


Les Roches Global Hospitality Education

Les Roches’ small class sizes and entrepreneurial spirit provide a fantastic family feel to the student body. Les Roches is not just a school, it’s a way of life!

Hospitality Business Management School

City Island Campus, Suburban Campus, Rural Campus

Small Institution <5000

Areas of Study


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