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Search our database of higher education institutions based on the 'FIT' criteria that are important to you


Explore what the different 'FIT' factors are, think about the different environments they combine to create and which ones might suit you best

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Explore 'FIT'

Unsurprisingly, most students want to go to a "Good University"....but what does that actually mean? How do you measure or find out if somewhere is 'good'?

There a lot of different factors you could look at ...but they won't tell you if the university would be "Good for YOU" unless you have thought about what will positively contribute to you being happy and successful as an undergraduate student.


That is why finding a "Good FIT for YOU" is so important.

Explore Fit

How do you know what would make somewhere 'good for you'?

 Some factors might really matter to you, things that will really impact how good your experience is. Others, won't make any difference to you at all. You are unique. The key is understanding which ones matter to you and including those aspects in your research and decision-making so that the universities you apply to are really GOOD FOR YOU.

As you read these make a mental (or actual) note of the aspects you have a preference for. When you use our University Search, you have information about almost all of them on the University Profile pages and filters for a lot of them on the Search Page.

The size of an institution influences what the community feels like, and the variety of courses and activities on offer. Would big be overwhelming... or freeing? Would small be comforting.......... or claustrophobic? 

Measuring Tape

Institution Size

Image by Diana Polekhina

Some of your classes will be bigger than others, but whether that is classes of 500, 100, 50 or 12 makes a difference to how interactive classes are and how much you have to you like to join in? Or do you sometimes want to just listen?

Class Size

Image by Andy Tyler

The number of staff per student can give you a sense of how easy contacting staff outside of class would be....although not all 'faculty' will be teachers..... does it matter to you how much time staff have to spend on you?

Student to Faculty Ratio

Building Blocks

Campuses can be enclosed academic communities, completely integrated into the city, or somewhere in between. Do you value the 'con campus feel' or do you want to become part of the bustle of a city?

Campus Style

Light Bulb

The breadth of subjects study, or focus on a specific subject within your degree varies in different models of education with Liberal Arts being the broadest and Single subject the most focused. How focused are you ready to be?

Education Model

Travel Case

Some degrees enable you to spend one or more semesters studying at a different institution in a different country. If you love travel, that is a huge bonus. If you like stability maybe it won't suit you as much

Study Abroad


Some degrees require you to undertake one or more periods of work experience. They might be called a placement, internship or co-op. Some degree's don't allow it at all. Is this something that would benefit your future career plans?


Calculate Savings

Most universities have a cost, at least for international students. Around the world this can vary from $70,000 a year to just a few hundred Euros. Some places have scholarships, or funding depending on your nationality. What is your budget? 

Fees & Finance


Small Institutions

Less than 5,000 students

These might suit you if you:

  • Like being part of a close-knit community where your professors know you

  • Would like to know, or at least recognise almost everyone you see on campus

  • Like there being just a few central places that students hang out in to grab a coffee, eat or chat.

  • Find lots of choice overwhelming be that for academics or extra-curriculars

  • Find it reassuring to know your way around the whole campus and have been in most of the buildings.

Medium Institutions

5,000 - 15,000 students

These might suit you if you

  • Are quite happy not to know everyone in your classes, especially in 1st year, but would like to recognise some familiar faces whenever you are walking around campus

  • Like there being a decent amount of variety on campus or nearby for places to hang out

  • Like having a bit of variety, but not so much that I can't get my head around all the options.

  • Want to feel comfortable knowing your way around campus but don't need to know every building in detail

Large Institutions

15,000 - 30,000 students

These might suit you if you

  • Prefer to meet new people in every class and are comfortable being mostly anonymous walking around campus

  • Want a lot of variety in places to eat and hang out

  • Find it easy to make friends and build social groups when you aren't seeing the same people every day. 

  • Want to have lots of options for activities and in the classes you can take

  • Are happy knowing the buildings you use on campus without needing to feel like you know your way around the whole place.

Image by Changbok Ko

Very Large Institutions

More than 30,000 students

These might suit you if you

  • Love the anonymity of walking around a city where a very low proportion of people will recognise you and you only know a small proportion of the buildings

  • Love variety and are excited by trying out a new place to go every week and navigating to new places even once you've been on campus for a year or more

  • Love being involved in lots of different activities and are happy creating your own communities

  • Are happy to get lost in the crowd, or confident enough to be able to fit in and make friends in a big place.

Image by Dom Fou
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College Student

City University

A university whose buildings are in the city without a defined university only campus area.

This might suit you if

  • You find the bustle of a city energising rather than exhausting

  • You enjoy anonymity and would like commuting to class alongside people from all walks of life

  • Are happy to live a distance from your classes and need to include travel time in your daily routine

  • Love to be able to check out new restaurants, see professional plays and live comedy

  • Want to be involved in your local neighbourhood community rather than wanting a community within your university

Island Campus

A university that has a clearly defined campus that is situated within a city.

This might suit you if

  • You like the amenities of a city like restaurants and shopping

  • But, want that feeling of being 'on campus', in your university community 

  • Enjoy having open spaces that are just for students and faculty to chill out in, or for activities to happen in

  • Are happy to have a commute to campus, especially after 1st year.

College Students in Campus
Smiling Girl

Suburban Campus

A university with one or more defined campus areas that are in urbanised areas but outside of the City Centre.

This might suit you if

City: A university whose buildings are in the city without a defined university only campus area.

City-Island Campus: A university that has a clearly defined campus that is situated within a city.

Suburban Campus: A university with one or more defined campus areas that are in urbanised areas but outside of the City Centre.

Rural Campus: A university campus situated in a rural area without connection to a town or city.

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