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A Community of curious and passionate people, who follow their interests wherever they lead. Discussions spill out of classrooms, onto quads and into residence halls.


Undergraduate Students:
Average 1st Year Class Size:

City Campus


24 students, 74% of classes have fewer than 20 students

Johns Hopkins University is a liberal arts research based University located in Baltimore, Maryland. At Johns Hopkins, exploration and discovery form the backbone of academic pursuit for our students. We structure our curriculum to encourage students to create an interdisciplinary education that combines a liberal arts focus with practical, hands-on learning and Hopkins students learn to think strategically, analyse from different perspectives, and take a broader world view. They gain communication and critical thinking skills that prepare them for a wide variety of post-graduation goals, including an ever-changing job landscape.

Each year hundreds of students study abroad!


IB Grades

UFP Grades

Highly Selective

We are looking for students who have taken a challenging course of study and who have been successful in that challenge. We have a holistic review for our admissions, which means we do not have specific gpa/curriculum requirements. All students are evaluated within their specific context of what is offered at their school.

Academic credits are reviewed on a case by case basis.

Education Model

Internships within degree

Study Abroad available

Research University with a liberal arts curriculum



Tuition Cost

Financial Aid

Tuition is $57,000/year for all students

We meet 100% of demonstrated need for all of our students (domestic and international). The only difference for international students is that we are need aware in the final round of the application process, to make sure we can responsibly sponsor all of the students we would like to admit. We are also a no loan institution.


African Studies

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Chemical/Energy Engineering

World Top 100

Classics and Ancient History

Creative Writing

Electronic/Electrical Engineering

World Top 200

Film and Media Production

Information Technology

Legal Studies/Pre-Law


World Top 100, Country Top 20

Natural Sciences


World Top 50, Country Top 100


World Top 100, Country Top 20


World Top 100, Country Top 20

Biological Sciences

World Top 50, Country Top 20


World Top 100, Country Top 20

Computer Games and Graphics

Data Science

English Literature and/or Language

World Top 100, Country Top 20


International Relations

Country Top 20

Liberal Arts and Sciences

Mechanical Engineering

World Top 100


World Top 100, Country Top 50


World Top 50

Software Engineering


World Top 100

Biomedical Engineering

Civil Engineering

Computer Science

World Top 100, Country Top 20


World Top 100, Country Top 50

Environmental Science

World Top 100, Country Top 20


World Top 50, Country Top 50


Materials Science

World Top 200

Modern Languages Mixed

World Top 200


World Top 100, Country Top 20


World Top 100, Country Top 20

World Rankings = QS World Subject Rankings 2020
Country Rankings = Niche Best by Major Ranking
Please note that rankings do not exist for all subjects

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