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Café Scientifique: February lecture and watch the videos from 2021 on You Tube

Organised by Dr Rachel Quarrell from Balliol College, Oxford, the Oxford Café Scientifique is a monthly talk followed by a Q&A that is open to all. Their topics are all scientific, but vary widely and are given by a guest speaker each month.

Café's are held on the first Tuesday of each month and due to COVID the last 2 years have mostly been held online and are now available as a video resource to access on their You Tube Channel.

The Oxford Café Scientifique videos from April 2020 onwards are now housed on our own YouTube channel but it is not publicly listed, meaning you can't find it on a search. Instead, the videos are in "unlisted" playlists, which you can only see if you have the link. You can watch YouTube through just any browser by clicking on the links, or you can download the YouTube app to have more options. Although YouTube is linked to Google, you do not need to have a Google or YouTube account to use it, nor to log in, nor do you need to subscribe to YouTube Premium unless you want to.

All videos are accessible to anyone who has the playlist's link, but don't expect much in the way of fancy editing!

The three vertical dots on the YouTube screen get to a menu which allows you to change the resolution or try out the automatically-generated closed captions (no sniggering at the algorithm's interpretation of scientific terms please!)

If you would like to be on the mailing list to receive the link to future talks you will need to send an email to

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