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Economics Taster Webinar: Global Competition, Externalities, and the State as a Risk-Taker | 27 Apr

Economics: insight4me

Economics – Globalisation

With Dr Tomás Rotta From Goldsmiths, University of London & Dr Liliana Harding From University of East Anglia

April 27 @ 11:10 - 12:10 BST

Goldsmiths, University of London: Dr Tomás Rotta, will present Global Competition, Externalities, and the State as a Risk-Taker answering three questions about the role of innovation in global competition: (a) Where do innovations come from? (b) Who finances the riskier forms of innovation? (c) Is the state good or bad at stimulating innovation?

University of East Anglia: Dr Liliana Harding will discuss recent trends in the global economy, gravitating between the significant role of international value chains in the production of most goods, and the new challenges arising from financial crisis, Brexit, trade wars, the pandemic, and armed conflict. She will introduce the essential dimensions of international economic integration, covering trade, along with foreign direct investment (FDI) and migration. Subsequently, she will question to what extent the deceleration in global trade, capital flows or labour mobility might be a sign of significant disintegration and fragmentation of the global economy, or rather a temporary slowdown in globalisation.

The audience is invited to interact with the professors during the live session, and access to mobile devices would support individual participation.

Suitable for: Year IB1/12 & IB2/13 students (and equivalent) studying, or with a possible interest in studying, Economics and related disciplines. Student groups, and individual students and teachers are very welcome to join us.

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