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Education Taster Session | Wed 19 Jan 3:00 pm GMT

Isn't this course just for girls? Gender stereotyping and its impact on young people

This virtual taster session gives you an insight into studying Education at university.

In this session, we will re-look at the concept and reality of gender stereotyping in schooling, and the implicit and explicit messages young people receive about their abilities and futures. How might we understand gender stereotyping in the context of teaching and learning? What is the impact on young people and how does this impact social class and race? One thing to think about before attending this session: when did you realise you were a 'girl', 'boy' or 'non-binary'?

When: Wednesday 19 January 3:00 - 4:15 pm GMT

Age group: Year 12

Please be advised that bookings for all taster sessions will close at 10am the day before the session, or earlier if the session becomes fully-booked. We therefore recommend booking early to avoid disappointment.

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