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Free Online Courses with The University of York

The University of York have a large variety of online courses for anyone to complete if they would like to explore a new subject area or prepare for higher education. The courses can last between 2 and 4 weeks and are delivered online so you can complete it at a time that is convenient for you. See below for a list of courses they are offering:

  • Enterprise: Everyone's Business

  • Lights, Camera, Computer - Action!

  • Frontier Physics, Future Technologies

  • Bioeconomy

  • Tackling Environmental Changes

  • Intelligent Systems

  • Exploring Stone Age Archaeology

  • The Language of Truth

  • Poverty and Inequality

  • Introduction to Cognitive Psychology

  • Introduction to Nursing

  • Exploring Everyday Chemistry

  • Accents, Attitudes and Identity

  • Bugs, Brains and Beasts

  • Behavioural Activation for Depression

  • From Crime to Punishment

  • Engineering the Future

  • Introduction to Art History

  • Digital Wellbeing


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