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How to Build a Balanced College List - A Mini-Course for Students and Families

The Mission: Identifying colleges where you will both get in and fit in!

The Method: Four hours of expert list-building advice with a nationally-recognized expert.

Join me and Dr. Antonoff to discuss finding colleges that meet your academic goals, social goals, financial goals, and even more!

Saturday, April 9th & Saturday, April 16th @ 9-11:00am Pacific Time (12-2:00pm Eastern)

This comprehensive, four-hour pay-what-you-can mini-course—intended for 9th to 11th graders and their families—will guide you through pretty much all the things you need to know when it comes to finding great college options.

What we're covering:

  • The Building Blocks of College List Creation: knowledge of yourself, what you are looking for in a college, and awareness of college options

  • How student and parent attitudes can help (or hinder) finding good college options

  • Step-by-step approaches to articulating what you are really looking for in a college

  • Methods of going beyond the words (small, isolated, value, Greek, major, etc.) to hone in on what matters most in finding college choices where you will thrive

  • How to determine whether a particular college will be welcoming to you

  • How to gauge how generous colleges will be when it comes to financial aid

  • Ways to research colleges so you can separate the signal from the noise

  • Admission office secrets — uncovering what goes on behind closed doors

  • How to be sure you have enough backup schools on your list

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