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International Student Scholarships from the University of the Creative Arts

To support our international students, we offer a range of scholarships and discounts on tuition fees to help with the costs of further study.

We have five scholarships, available to new international students who would like to study with us from September 2022.

These scholarships cannot be combined. However, if you do qualify for one of the scholarships and you pay your tuition fees in full before the end of the course enrolment period, you will also receive the full 4% early payment discount.

There are a limited number of each scholarship available and they are awarded on a first come first serve basis so long as you meet the eligibility criteria and you have been nominated by an academic.

For the country-based scholarship( UCA Creative Development Scholarships) students do not need to apply, the admission will auto issue the scholarship.

For other scholarships, students need to fill the online application form, our academic staff will review the scholarship application and make the decision.

Read more in this document

Scholarship and Discounts Leaflet2022
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