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Neurodiversity Lecture Series

About the Lecture Series

Gresham College are hosting a neurodiversity lecture series from February 2024 - March 2024.

The lecture series will explore how our understanding of neurodiversity has developed over recent years.

Modern Concepts of ADHD

Monday 11th March 2024, 18:00 BST

Professor Peter Hill from a private medical practice will discuss whether the world should accommodate people with ADHD as different rather than disabled.

Previous lectures in this series

Dyslexia and Language - Disorder or Difference?

Thursday 8th February 2024, 18:00 BST

Professor Maggie Snowling CBE from the University of Oxford will discuss the causes and consequences of reading difficulties, how they relate to other learning difficulties, and the importance of early intervention.

Changes in the Concept of Autism

Wednesday 28th February 2024, 13:00 BST

Professor Francesca Happe CBE FBA from King's College London will discuss how our understanding of Autism has changed and how future research may look.

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