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New B.A. in Community and Global Health. at Lehigh University

The word "global" has been used a lot in the last few years. Unfortunately, it's often connected to "pandemic.”

Of the many lessons the COVID-19 crisis has taught us so far, one of the most important might be how health is connected globally. That’s why Lehigh's College of Health is proud to announce the B.A. in Community and Global Health.

A degree in Community and Global Health will prepare your students to improve global and domestic health outcomes. Your students will be immersed in interdisciplinary, analytical, practical, and collaborative approaches to implementing health services and interventions in response to community needs. Through this degree, your students will be prepared to make their mark in a critically necessary movement to utilize data, science and policy to improve the world's health—one community at a time.

The health industry was one of the largest growing sectors before and during the pandemic. Graduates of Lehigh’s programs in Community and Global Health, or Population Health, are in demand for a large range of emotionally and financially rewarding career opportunities.

Join us, and help build your students futures in a discipline that makes a real impact on the world.

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