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Open House: Saturday 25th Feb


Date: Saturday 25th February 2023 Time: 02:00-10:00 GMT Location: Online


About the Open House

NUS College are hosting a hybrid Open House event where they will present a series of talks, sample classes, and activities across a total of 3 courses.

  1. 'How NUS breaks open the classroom and what it is like to learn and live in their diverse residential community' - Hosted by Deanery and Student Ambassadors - 02:00-03:00 GMT

  2. 'Hear from the teaching faculty about the courses on offers' - Hosted by Faculty Teachers - 07:00-08:00 GMT

  3. 'Learn about the global experience module in Stockholm, the regional Impact Experience Project, and the Impact Experience Sustainability Project' - 09:00-10:00 GMT

Save your seat now using the links below!

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