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The Festival of Social Science 2022

The University of Manchester are currently taking part in the 2022 Festival of Social Science. The event is running daily up to the 13th November and there are some very interesting talks which they are hosting around the field of social science, including:

  • Community Savers - Friday 4th November

  • What can we learn from history? - Monday 7th November

  • Transport and economic austerity - Tuesday 8th November

  • Methods for change - Wednesday 9th November

  • Social value in the context of major government project delivery - Wednesday 9th November

  • Caught in the cycle - Wednesday 9th November

  • Holistic Connections - Saturday 12th November

  • Everyday stories of climate change - Saturday 12th November

This event would be suitable for anyone who wants to explore the field of social science beyond their current studies or those with an interest in studying a related discipline at university.

Please do not attend any of the talks if you have lessons or any other pre-planned activities that may overlap with this event!

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