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The London Interdisciplinary School: Virtual Discover Day 28 July 2021

Do you want to study from an interdisciplinary perspective? What is interdisciplinary study?

Log onto Zoom on Wednesday 28th July from 10.00am-12.00pm (BST) to join our next Discovery Day. Together, we’ll look at a real-world, headline-making problem, such as plastic pollution, childhood obesity, or social media.

Or start with some thoughts from our faculty

✍️ Waqās: In this piece, Waqās draws on perspectives from academic leaders, historical facts, and statistical analysis to create a snapshot of the scale and complexity of race inequality in the UK. "It all starts at school." Have a read here >> ✍️ Ebrahim: What is 'interdisciplinarity'? The combination of two or more subjects? If so, how ‘different’ should these subjects (or disciplines) be? Is the involvement of such a minimal number (two) of subjects sufficient? And what weighting should be attached to each subject? Find out what Ebrahim thinks >>


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