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The Oxford Museum Open Art Competition


Submission Deadline: Monday 21st August 2023 Eligibility: ages 11-17 years old


About the Open Art Competition

This competition is an opportunity for you to showcase your artistic skills. You should take 'Feelings of Discovery' as your inspiration for your artwork. Your submission doesn't necessarily have to be created especially for this competition, it could be a piece you have already created. The best 50 pieces of artwork will then be displayed in an exhibition at The Oxford Museum from Saturday 16th September - Sunday 5th November. There will also be prizes for 3 entries.

What artwork can and cannot be accepted?

The competition can not accept anything that requires the following:

- requires electrical equipment

- requires preparation or activation by staff

- includes organic material

- cannot be moved by 2 people

Sculptures - must not exceed 5kg in weight and 1 metre in any plane. You must provide a plinth or stand.

Wall-Mounted Artwork - must not exceed 1 metre square.

What happens if you are selected for the exhibition?

You will be contacted within the week commencing the 28th August to arrange a delivery date to the museum. Your artwork must be delivered to the museum no later than Monday 11th September.

Can you sell your artwork at the exhibition?

No, however you can include contact details and prices on your artwork should you wish to sell it and you can arrange sales privately.

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