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Universitá Cattolica_PrepCourse for Entrance Exam - Medicine & Surgery

Università Cattolica is excited to announce that our institutional partner Selexi is offering two preparatory courses for the Entrance Exam for the MD in Medicine and Surgery.

The courses will be offered live online so students can engage with the facilitators and professors in real-time.

You can choose between two options:

  1. The Intensive Course is 30 hours and focuses mostly on exercises and techniques aimed at preparing students to effectively tackle the test, both in a subject-specific way and in the context of the whole exam.

  2. The Strengthening Course is 48 hours and is recommended for students who need to spend time studying the theory of the subjects that make up the test; it is accompanied by practice exercises that include a more extensive preparation process.

Students who are about to obtain or hold a non-Italian High School qualification benefit from a dedicated number of seats for each course and priority reservation deadlines.


International Priority Registration Deadline

Final Registration Deadline

​Start date

​End date

​Intensive Course





​Intensive Course





Strengthening Course





For more information on the preparatory courses, including instructions on how to register, you can refer to the pdf below and you can also find the information on our website

How to enrol in Selexi Prep Course - Medicine and Surgery
Download PDF • 233KB

Please note that participation in these courses should not be considered as a replacement for our online simulator, which remains the main preparation tool for the exam, but as an extra opportunity for our Medicine and Surgery applicants.


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