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Want to hear about social influence? Psychology webinar on 27th September

Please note that this webinar will take place between 2-3pm on Tuesday 27th September and therefore can only be attended by students who do not have any planned lessons or contact hours between that time.

If you are available, this will be a very interesting talk on the topic of social influence, hosted by two academics within the field. If you are not available, we are happy to say that more opportunities for such talks will be open shortly, delivered at different times and for different subject areas too! See below for more information.

  • Dr Alvaro Rodriguez, begins by explaining what social norms are and then tackles the two different types of social norms, two forms of social influence based on them, and two types of conformity which can result from social influence. He then moves on to consider how social norms can be used to guide human behaviour by drawing from research on health and pro-environmental behaviour.

  • Dr Gustav Kuhn then explores how magicians exploit social influences, in particular the way they use verbal and non-verbal social cues to misdirect people’s attention, and the astonishing impact that this misdirection has on our ability to perceive the world around us.

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