Which Decision Plan should you go for in the USA? Get tips from the JHU Application Tips Series

Application tips series: Applying Early Decision (ED)

With three different decision plans (Hopkins added Early Decision II last year!), you might be wondering which one is the best fit for you. At Hopkins, our advice is simple: if we are your top choice, and if you can see yourself as a thriving member of our community, you should strongly consider Early Decision (ED) as an option. If you are considering Hopkins and want to learn more about ED, watch our Admissions Tips video series or register for our Hopkins DecidED virtual event.

Top three benefits of applying ED - Words of advice from our admissions committee.

+ Know your decision earlier

Students who apply ED will know their decision earlier and have more time to prepare for their transition to college.

+ Maintain the same eligibility for financial aid

ED students receive the same financial aid package as they would in RD.

+ Join a diverse and engaged class

We admit over half our class in the early rounds, and students can rest knowing they've secured a spot in a diverse class of scholars and engaged community members.

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