Join date: Aug 3, 2021

Hello! I'm Eleanor, one of the Student Recruitment and Admissions Officers for TEDI-London.

At TEDI-London we are delivering a different kind of engineering education that takes a project-based, global design approach. As a TEDI-London student, you will work on real-life projects from day one. These projects will be real-life industry challenges, co-designed and delivered with employers and supported by one-to-one mentoring and group work. Founded by Arizona State University, King's College London and UNSW Sydney, TEDI-London is committed to diversifying the engineering workforce and will empower you to tackle the biggest challenges facing society.

Our programme is a general engineering degree, Global Design Engineering. Our curriculum takes an interdisciplinary global design approach to engineering, meaning that it includes all the elements of professional engineering as well as digital, design, and business skills. From talking to employers, we know that these are the skills that they want from future engineers and underpins how we will support you to become a globally focused, socially aware engineer of the future.

With our bespoke application process and entry requirements, TEDI-London has been created to educate and inspire a new generation of engineers. Get in touch to find out how you can become a future engineer!

Eleanor Quinn