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Globe Business College Munich

We are unique because, at the core of everything we do, is a relationship model that puts the individual at the centre.

About the institution

We offer a unique, customised business education to a specific niche of students, many of whom are the sons and daughters of successful company owners around the world. Unlike with some traditional business education, the model at Globe has little to do with pre-determined learning outcomes or knowledge attainment. The real value is the exchange process that is customised to each student and challenges them to stretch and move beyond their comfort zones to consistently become more focused, think on their feet, be strategic, dynamic, communicate in real time and take effective decisions.

This unique educational model develops each student through a three-year bachelor's degree process so that when they graduate, they know how to carve out their niche in the world, are confident in their abilities and surrounded by a relationship-based network.


Number of Undergraduate Students


Size of Instituition

Small Institution <5000


Campus Style

City Island Campus

Education Model

Business School

Are there internship opportunities?


Are there study abroad options?


Cost of Tuition


IB Grade Requirements

UFP Grade Requirements





Subject Name
Degree Area
Business and Management

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