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Do you want to become a future engineer? Through project-based learning and working in partnership with industry, you will create and contribute solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing the 21st Century and gain the skills employers need from future engineers.

About the institution

TEDI-London is a brand new UK Higher Education provider specialising in engineering education at bachelor and master’s degree level. We have been founded by three global leaders in higher education: King's College London, UNSW Sydney, and Arizona State University to deliver a different kind of engineering education.

Each application will be considered on an individual basis, in which we will be looking for the demonstration of our ‘triple A’ criteria: Attitude, Aptitude and Ability. We look beyond academic qualifications, and have designed an admissions process that allows students to demonstrate both their passion for engineering and their existing knowledge through a small project and interview process. Unlike many Engineering degree programmes, at TEDI-London we welcome students from any academic discipline backgrounds (not just STEM!) and a Mathematics Level 3 qualification is not essential to be considered.

Preparing our students for the next steps in their career is at the heart of what TEDI-London is about. Advice will be provided both through working alongside academics and mentors from industry on our projects as well as from the more formal careers support that will be in place. Our general approach to engineering rather than focusing on a specialism, such as mechanical or civil engineering, means that students will get the opportunity to explore aspects of a variety of engineering disciplines and develop a broader set of skills rather than having to choose a specialism straight away.


Number of Undergraduate Students

Student to Faculty Ratio

Size of Instituition

Small Institution <5000


Somewhat Selective (50-75% admitted). All candidates must complete the TEDI-London assessment process.

Campus Style

The TEDI-London campus is based in Canada Water, just 2 tube stops from London Bridge.

Education Model

At TEDI-London we just teach engineering.

Are there internship opportunities?

Yes! TEDI-London students will have the opportunity to complete a final-year project with industry.

Are there study abroad options?

Yes! TEDI-London students will have the opportunity to study abroad with our founding institutions.

Cost of Tuition



We have a competitive offering of scholarships. Get in touch for more information

IB Grade Requirements

On track to achieve in the range of 120 UCAS points (28 IB points ish)

UFP Grade Requirements

On track to achieve in the range of 120 UCAS points





Subject Name
Degree Area
Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineering
Chemical/Energy Engineering
Civil Engineering
Electronic/Electrical Engineering
Materials Science
Mechanical Engineering
Software Engineering
Computing & ICT

Explore our virtual exhibition

Enter the exhibition space and take a 360° ‘visit’ of our information zones which are full of handy info; from details about our global design engineering course and how you’ll learn, through to student life at TEDI-London and industry opportunities. Plus there is the option to live-chat with our friendly team.

Find out more about TEDI-London in our 2022/2023 prospectus.

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