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The London Interdisciplinary School

At LIS, we teach students how to tackle complex, real-world problems by applying knowledge and skills from various disciplines across the arts, humanities, and sciences. Instead of specialising in a single subject area, our students learn through a problem-based interdisciplinary approach.

About the institution

Instead of specialising in a single subject area, our students learn through a problem-based interdisciplinary approach, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences (BASc) in Interdisciplinary Problems and Methods.

Our course

Problems like climate change, inequality and the ethics of artificial intelligence can’t be solved by one subject alone. We need an interdisciplinary approach. Each term, you’ll tackle a specific problem such as inequality, sustainability, or the ethics of AI. You’ll study concepts and theories from subjects like anthropology, physics, and contemporary art that provide the lenses through which to understand these complex issues.

At the same time, you’ll learn a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods — ranging from coding to videography, machine learning to project management, and data science to public speaking. Our curriculum is designed to break down barriers and foster a more integrated approach to problem-solving.

Academia at LIS

Our courses are designed by outstanding academics from the likes of Harvard, Cambridge, and UCL as well as industry experts, and entrepreneurs who all see the need for this new type of further education in our society. This is your chance to take the lead and make your impact on the issues that matter to you.

The World of Work

On top of this, LIS brokers paid internships each year, to help you build your insight and experience in the world of work. You’ll have the opportunity to undergo paid internships each summer with organisations like Innocent Drinks, WWF, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to kickstart your career.


Number of Undergraduate Students


Average First Year Class Size


Size of Instituition

Small Institution <5000


Highly Selective (10-25% admitted)

Campus Style

City Campus - East London Campus

Education Model

Liberal Arts and Science (Major/minor Model), Teaching Focused Institution

Are there internship opportunities?

Yes - As part of our internships programme, we’ll broker opportunities for all UK students.

Are there study abroad options?


Cost of Tuition

£9000 (Home) £15,000 (International)

IB Grade Requirements

Not stated

UFP Grade Requirements

Not stated





Subject Name
Degree Area
Interdisciplinary Study of Global Challenges
Society & Social Sciences

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