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Polimoda brings attention back to what really counts: the body and mind of young students, their gaze as it is, full of dreams and nightmares.




City (three campuses in Florence, Italy)

Small Institution <5000


Undergraduate Students

Average Undergraduate Class Size


Education Model

Polimoda combines the cultural openness of a college with the effectiveness of a vocational school. Our method is hands-on, our teachers come from the industry and share its secrets and our three facilities allow students to complete all of the projects at school.


Selective (25-50% admitted)

Internships within degree


Study Abroad Available


IB Grade Requirements

Selection for UG courses is based on:
- CV – Curriculum Vitae
- Online motivational questionnaire
- Video interview with a Polimoda Jury
- Portfolio (only for design oriented courses)

UFP Requirements

Accepted especially for Undergraduate Business Oriented programmes (Fashion Business, Fashion Merchandising).
- Entry requirements as per standard admission procedure in Polimoda

Entry Requirements

Cost of Tuition

€ 18.000/year for Undergraduate courses (National, EU and International)

Financial Aid Available?

Scholarships up to 100% are available for National, EU and International students

Scholarships page:

Fashion Education for Independent Thinkers
Listed in both “The Business of Fashion” and “Fashionista” global fashion school rankings as one of the top-ten fashion schools in the world, Polimoda prides itself on its professional training by means of highly specialized working and research methodologies. With 2300 students, of which 70% are international students, Polimoda is a hotbed for visionaries and opinion leaders from the worlds of fashion, culture and education.

Polimoda offers a wide range of educational undergraduate, summer and masters programs that provide high-level training for the major professional roles requested by the sector, from managerial and strategic to creative development across the areas of Fashion Design and Fashion Business. Thanks to a method based on fostering extensive industry links and a work-oriented pedagogy, 91% of Polimoda graduates find employment within 6 months of completing their studies, former students are among the emerging talents in fashion or hold prestigious positions in major international brands.

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Areas of Study Offered





Industry Leaders
Subject Name
Degree Area
Business and Management
Art & Design


We want school to be a true experience, seamless with work. We teach a job, be it creative and managerial, and give everyone the possibility to pursue a career in fashion. We think that an open, creative environment leads to the creation of something authentic and is the precondition for sustainability.

An Internship (3-6 months) is compulsory after graduation through Polimoda Job & Career office.
Business Links event:

Join us for an Open Day

Polimoda’s Open Days are a unique chance for would-be Polimoda People to take the first steps towards shaping their professional future. Through a series of collective and one-on-one activities, potential students will explore where their career interests, talents and desired industry profiles merge with the school’s offerings.

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