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Campus 11
Campus 11


Our campus is always buzzing with activity – from the award-winning Warwick Arts Centre and our busy Students’ Union to our great sports facilities and live events, there’s so much to experience that your only challenge is finding the time to fit it all in.


Undergraduate Students:
Average 1st Year Class Size:

Suburban Campus


Lectures can be as high as 300 as lectures can include the entire cohort. But seminars are much smaller with typically no more than 20 per seminar group.

We’re a world-leading university with the highest academic and research standards.

Born out of boldness, imagination and collaboration, from the moment the first 450 students arrived in 1965, we’ve been forward-focused. Today more than 27,000 students thrive across four faculties, in a supportive, welcoming space where everything you need to study, live and have fun is close to hand.

We’re one of the UK’s top 10 universities, 54th in the world (QS World University Rankings 2019), and in the world’s top 100 universities for graduate employability (The QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2018).

The majority of our programme allow a study abroad for one year as part of their degree. Please visit for more information

By exploring your intellectual curiosity at Warwick, you’ll be confident you’ve developed the skillset that sets you apart. You’ll have the potential to go anywhere if you bring your energy and determination to succeed. What that success looks like is up to you.


IB Grades

UFP Grades

Not Given

Our IB entry requirements range from 34 to 39. Please note that some courses will require subjects at Higher level to meet the entry requirements of the programmes.

We are happy to consider the St Clare's University Foundation Programme for entry to the majority of our Undergraduate courses, and our offers would typically range from 70 to 80%.

This would be subject to students meeting essential subject requirements.

When considering students from Foundation Programmes we also take into account previous academic study, and look for a strong academic track record.

Education Model

Internships within degree

Study Abroad available

Subject focused

Yes - All students have the option to apply for a voluntary year out to undertake work-based learning. Our Internships Development Team will be able to provide assistance on other opportunities

Yes in the majority of our programs

Tuition Cost

Financial Aid

Home/EU for 2020 entry are £9, 250.
• Band 1 – £20,210 per year (classroom-based courses, including Humanities and most Social Science courses)
• Band 2 – £25,770 per year (laboratory-based courses, plus Theatre and Performance Studies, Economics, and courses provided by Warwick Business School, with exceptions)
Please note that entry fees for 2021 are yet to be announced.

For non-UK students interested in scholarships, please visit to seek further information and to check your eligibility.
For UK students, please visit
UK students may be eligible for student loans. Further guidance can be found at


Accounting & Finance

World Top 50, Country Top 10

Biological Sciences

World Top 200, Country Top 10


World Top 200, Country Top 10

Communication and Media Studies

World Top 100, Country Top 30

Data Science


World Top 50, Country Top 10

English Literature and/or Language

World Top 50, Country Top 30

Financial Mathematics

International Relations

Liberal Arts and Sciences


World Top 50, Country Top 10

Operational Research

World Top 50


World Top 200, Country Top 10

Social Policy

World Top 100


World Top 50


World Top 200, Country Top 10

Biomedical Engineering

Civil Engineering

World Top 200

Computer Science

World Top 200, Country Top 30

Development Studies

World Top 50


World Top 100, Country Top 30

Environmental Science


World Top 50, Country Top 30


World Top 100, Country Top 30


Mechanical Engineering

World Top 200


World Top 50, Country Top 10


World Top 50, Country Top 10


World Top 50, Country Top 30

Theology and Religious Studies


Business and Management

World Top 50, Country Top 10

Classics and Ancient History

Country Top 10

Creative Writing

Country Top 10

Drama & Theatre

World Top 100, Country Top 10

Electronic/Electrical Engineering

World Top 200

Film and Media Production

Information Technology

Liberal Arts Only


Modern Languages Mixed

World Top 50, Country Top 10

Philosophy Politics and Economics


World Top 100, Country Top 30

Software Engineering

World Rankings = QS World Subject Rankings 2020
Country Rankings =
Please note that rankings do not exist for all subjects