Civil and Structural Engineering Taster | 12 May | 4:30 pm GMT

Civil and Structural Engineering taster

This taster session gives you an insight into studying Civil and Structural Engineering at university.

Thurs 12 May 2022 4:30-6:00 pm BST

For Year 12/IB1 & Year 13/IB2

You should be studying Maths at IBHL/A-Level or equivalent

Innovations in Structural Engineering: Strengthening against earthquakes

This session will discuss the use of advanced composite materials as a novel class of reinforcement for concrete structures and will illustrate the benefits of using advanced composites to increase the seismic performance of existing buildings. Expected learning outcomes:

  • To gain an appreciation of the structural limitations of concrete.

  • To familiarise with composite materials and their use as reinforcement for concrete.

  • To gain an appreciation of how advanced composites can be used in structural strengthening applications.

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