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Explore Subjects

Where can my IB subjects take me?

Planning your IB Subjects and want to check they'll keep open options you are interested in?


Already studying IB and want some future inspiration from the subjects you already like?

Use this tool to explore ideas for study at university and find out the subject combinations needed for different courses in different countries.

Deeper Subject Exploration

This section has resources to help you "Read" around your subject interests more deeply to help you:

  • Decide if this is really an area you want to pursue at degree level

  • Support you to make competitive applications 

(The kind of things you should be using for your Exploration Logs in your Careers Notebook)

Find Degree Ideas

Use this tool to explore possible degree options based on the interests you already have. Start from a broad subject area interest and find out about the range of degrees within that field and the key terms to use to find degrees in different countries.

You can also get a list of the universities within our search engine offering degrees in that area

Where have previous St Clare's students gone on to?

Use our interactive tool to explore what students have progressed onto in different fields.

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