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This site has been developed and is maintained, by the Careers Team at St. Clare's, Oxford.

Our college mission is to "advance international education and understanding"  and this resource is designed to help students explore further study from a global perspective and support them in making decisions on the best fit for them. 

We built this resource with the careers program in St. Clare's in mind, but we hope it will be of use to International IB and University Foundation course students attending other schools.


Helen Forey
 Head of Careers

Helen has key responsibility for the IB1 and IB2 students as well as overseeing the service delivery across all student groups and the work of the careers team. Her role includes delivering workshops, 1-2-1 guidance meetings and organisation of careers events.


Dominic has key responsibility for the Pre-IB students and the International College students. This includes their program design and event organisation. He also supports the IB careers program through delivering workshops and 1-2-1 guidance meetings. 

Emily Spriggs (002).jpg

Emily Spriggs
Trainee Careers and Higher Education Adviser

Emily provides support for all student groups across both campuses. She provides direct support to students for the completion of university application forms and is responsible for the updating CareersExplore and careers blog.

Dominic Fuge
 Careers and Higher Education Adviser

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