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What is Concourse?

Concourse is a software platform with the goal to help students around the world maximize their university opportunities. Our Global Clearing program connects students and their counselors with universities around the world who are a good fit for them.

What is Global Clearing?

Global Clearing is a revolutionary program that flips the traditional admissions process allowing students to receive offers of admission and scholarship without completing applications. During Global Clearing, students don’t apply to universities, the universities come to them!


Students receive an average of 4 offers, and there has been over $80 million USD in scholarships awarded across Global Clearing events.

How does it work?

The process is this simple; students create a profile that is certified by their counselor and their counselor nominates them for Global Clearing.


Once nominated an anonymized version of the student’s profile will be reviewed by universities for admission.


When students receive an offer(s) they’re interested in, they can book a meeting to learn more about the university’s programs, and ask questions.

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When does Global Clearing happen?

The beauty of Global Clearing is that it compresses a typically long admissions process. There is a new Global Clearing event each month, and once you’re nominated, you’re able to continue to receive new university opportunities all throughout the year.

How much does Global Clearing cost?

Students pay $75 to participate, but your counselor may have fee waivers available. For St. Clare's Students using Concourse Global Clearing through Blue Skies, this fee is waived.

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