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Legal Studies/Pre-Law

Law, or legal studies, comes into contact with almost every area of human life, touching upon issues relating to business, economics, politics, the environment, human rights, international relations and trade. Legal Studies and Pre-Law courses are designed to introduce you to concepts and ideas within Law and a framework through which to examine and understand different societies and cultures. These degrees are a useful way to decide on whether training as a lawyer is right for you as well as help you prepare for a broad range of professional roles – and indeed, for life in general.

Good to Know

Legal Studies degrees do not qualify you to become a lawyer, but may well help you became a legal executive or provide you other relevant certification.

pre-Law degrees or pathways, are most common in the USA and Canada where Qualifying Law is a graduate school degree (after your undergraduate degree) This is occasionally a set degree, but more often a support pathway to help prepare you for graduate law applications.

Universities Offering Degrees within

Legal Studies/Pre-Law

Institution Name
Campus Style
Institution Size
Education Model
Bocconi University
City Island Campus located close to the city center in a safe and vibrant area
Medium Institution 5000-15,000
Highly Selective (10-25% admitted)
Our programs provide ground-breaking and innovative course content through hands-on interaction
Brock University
Brock is situated in the heart of the Niagara region, putting you in the centre of a vibrant and cul
Large Institution 15,000-30,000
Somewhat Selective (50-75% admitted) Need to meet prerequisite subject/grade requirements in addition to G11/12 grade average requirement
We offer so many ways for you to design your degree, your way. In most of our programs.
Central European University (CEU)
City Island Campus - Tram stops and metro stations nearby. Many students bike to uni from the dormitory.
Small Institution <5000
Selective (25-50% admitted) - A panel of professors interview every finalist, and we admit roughly 25% of our applicants.
Interdisciplinary, Multidisciplinary, Liberal Arts
University of Rochester
Suburban Campus
Medium Institution 5000-15,000
Highly Selective (10-25% admitted)
Research university with a flexible curriculum
Syracuse University
City Campus
Medium Institution 5000-15,000
Selective (25-50% admitted) Rates of admission vary by intended program of study
We offer both liberal arts and pre-professional programs of study, with a flexible curriculum.
University of Southern California (USC)
Urban, in a very large city
Large Institution 15,000-30,000
Highly Selective (10-25% admitted)
Liberal Arts Foundation with Subject Focus
UWE Bristol
City Campus, Suburban Campus
Very Large Institution >30,000
Less Selective (>75% admitted). Certain courses are more competitive and therefore will be more selective.
Single Subject Focus (Joint degrees available), Teaching Focused Institution, Vocationally Focused Institution (multiple integrated internships)
York University
City Campus
Very Large Institution >30,000
Somewhat Selective (50-75% admitted) Admission requirements vary by programs.
Single Subject Focus (Joint degrees available), Liberal Arts and Science (Major/minor Model), Integrated or Thematic degrees, Single Focus Institution (e.g. Business School, Researched Focused Institution
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Common Degree/ Major Names

Commerical Law
Business Law
Global Law
PPLE - Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics
Legal Studies
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Useful Skills

Note Taking
Data Manipulation
Staying Motivated / Working Hard
Speaking (Verbal Communication)
Written Communication
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