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Institution Types

State/Public Uni

Most Common

Private Uni

A few, most have a religious affiliation

Undergraduate Only

A few - specifically the Maple League

Junior College

Many, more commonly known as Community College

Arts Schools


Business Schools

None for undergraduate Study

American Schools

There are 2 in Vancouver

Research Focused

Many universities are research focused with the most emphasis in the top medicial/doctoral universities and comprehensive universities

Teaching Focused

All state universities are required to focus on teaching, but the undergrad only institutions put the greatest emphasis on undergrad teaching

Good to Know

Degree Length

Honours Bachelors degrees in Canada are 4 years. Associates Degrees are 2 years and earn you a Diploma, you can then top these up to a full degree. It is also possible to complete a 3 years non-honours degree, but it is not common.

Education Model

Most universities in Canada offer a faculty based education where you can major/minor and take some electives. They have a credits based system and having a higher number of credits in one area can earn you a specialisation or an honours title in your degree. This gives you flexibility to create a degree that is quite broad, or fairly specialised. There is also a lot of flexibility to change direction during your degree.

Canada has some undergraduate focused Liberal Arts and Science Colleges, specialist Art Colleges and vocational colleges as well as community colleges.

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Gap Years

Gap Years are widely accepted in Canada. You can either apply during IB2/Senior Year and then ask for deferral once you have received your offer, or apply from your gap year.


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Application Process


Grade Conversion

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Research Resources

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Application Portal

The application portal for Canadian Universities in the province of Ontario.

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Concourse Global Clearing

Application Portal

Concourse is a platform where universities search for candidates they want, rather than you completing lots of complex, time consuming and expensive applications. You complete one profile, which institutions view an anonymised version of. If they feel you are a fit for them, they will make you an offer and if you're interested, you can connect with them, share your full details and speak to them about what they can offer you.

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Studying in Canada


Study in Canada is a searchable database of Canadian universities and university programs. It also contains information about studying in Canada and careers in Canada.

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Maclean's Education Hub


University and Programme Rankings for Canada alongside institution profiles and blog stories

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Explore | Finance

The government run website providing information to students from abroad wishing to study in Canada including information about being able to stay in Canada after you graduate.
It has a course search and scholarship search.

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Explore | Finance

Created by Universities Canada, UniversityStudy allows you to explore university profiles, search for courses, and find scholarships in Canada.

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A global resource for students wanting to study internationally to find scholarships and grant opportunities

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Scholarship Positions


A blog of scholarship opportunities globally for undergraduate students

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Bishop's University

Three words: Community, Engagement and Flexibility. Our students are engaged in and part of our purple community where they have the flexibility to combine passions and interests both inside and outside the classroom.

Liberal Arts and Sciences Education Model

Suburban Campus, Rural Campus

Small Institution

Areas of Study

Art & Design
Computing & ICT
English & Media
Language & Culture
Liberal Arts & Sciences
Performing Arts
Society & Social Sciences