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Good to Know

Sweden openly welcomes an international community especially within their education system. If you are an international student you will also receive the right to work during your university studies.

There are lots of opportunities to study in English, however the exceptions to this is if you want to study to become a clinical doctor, nurse, dentist, vet or a teacher - in these cases there are only options to study in Swedish.

Swedish universities have a highly independent learning atmosphere so you will be responsible for your own learning and encouraged to develop your thoughts and reflections. This means outside of your lectures and seminars, you will spend your time reading, researching, or working on group projects.

Degree Length

The standard degree length is 3 years.

Education Model

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Gap Years


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Application Process

Most student make their application through

The majority of students will apply through the Swedish admissions website, To apply to study in Sweden, you will pay SEK 900 for between 1-8 programmes.

Application process

Grade Conversion

If you are completing the International Baccalaureate and score 24 or above, your overall IB grade will be converted into a scale between 10-20 points. If you IB score falls below 24, your grade will be converted using a scale between 300-200 points.

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Grade Conversion
Research Resources

Research Resources

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Global Scholarships


Global Scholarships is a database holding lots of scholarships which are available to students who would like to study at university. This is a global database so holds scholarship information for a wide range of different countries.

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Explore Options

This site is run by a company that supports university applications and whilst its university database is not exhaustive, within the application requirements tab on each university profile they have the average IB scores accepted and where available the application success rate.
They also have average living costs for the area, rankings overviews and some scholarship information.
Be aware that they list programs in all languages, not just English and the IB scores and success rate percentages are averages across the whole institution. However, they are a good indicator if the university does not publish more detailed information.

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The cost of tuition is dependent of your residency status. If you are an EU/EEA/Swiss citizen or have a Swedish residency, then there is no cost for tuition fees. However, for any other international students, you are expected to pay between SEK 80,000 - SEK 295,000.

Cost of living will depend on your location within Sweden, however it is recommended that you budget approx. SEK 9,450 per month.

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The Swedish Institute offers scholarships for international students who would like to study in Sweden.

Universities also offer a range of scholarships for international students to help cover both tuition fees and costs of living.

There are also associations, foundations, and other organisations who offer scholarships and travel grants for international students.



Explore the university profiles for this country on the CareersExplore Platform.

Stockholm School of Economics (SSE)

Small, personal and full of fascinating people.

Single Focus Institution

City Campus

Small Institution <5000

Areas of Study

Society & Social Sciences

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