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InvestIN empowers students with the knowledge and experience they need to make the right choices about their future careers. We aim to bridge the gap between school and the workplace through our interactive career events

About Our Organisation

We deliver career experiences across 28 different industries, ranging from STEM to business to creative industries and more.
Experiences are available in both a live online or in-person format across 5 UK cities, from 1-15 days in length.
Students also gain a certificate of attendance to boost CVs and UCAS applications.
When they register, students are invited to join our state-of-the-art tech platform, AmbitionX, so they can continue their career development. We have had a number of St Clare's students attend in the past and the feedback has been consistently strong!


We offer programmes in over 28 careers, from Medicine to Business to Law to Creative Industries and more. You can view a full list on our website below

Range of programmes

You can gain an experience of your dream career in anything from STEM, business, medical or more creative careers.


These are offered in both in-person and live online formats and run from 1-15 days in length


Prices start at £165, but your child can benefit from 10% off by inserting the school's unique Partner School discount code StClares10 at registration.

For more information, you can reach out to us via for all general enquiries.

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