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Allied Healthcare Virtual NHS Work Experience

The NHS Allied Healthcare Work Experience successfully invited 12,000 students to participate in the last academic year, making it the largest programme for students who are specifically interested in the following careers:





Occupational Therapy



Prosthetics and Orthotics

Speech and language therapy

and Pharmacy!

Applications for this programme are now open, and they will be open throughout this academic year, with the next virtual work experience day taking place on 9th January. It is suitable for students in 10-13 or S3-S6 year groups - this includes Pre-IB, IB1 and IB2.

During the work experience day, participants will follow 2 patients from their initial presentation to recovery. Participants will observe the healthcare professionals as they interact with the patients and each other. Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions and gain knowledge through teaching.

This will help participants to make an informed career decision as well as learn about how healthcare professionals work together as part of a multidisciplinary team. Each work experience day is completely different, and participants will be able to build on their knowledge of NHS careers as they see different patient cases and healthcare professionals work in a variety of settings, such as hospital and community.

Students will also receive certificates as evidence of having participated in the work experience programme. Those that complete the entire 6-month programme will be awarded with Highly Commended References too. Students can register individually through the website link below. Places are £10 a day to cover administrative costs and run the tech on the day. Schools can also register groups online. We have also provided a poster attached to this email.

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