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Bachelor's and Geographical Minors - International Applicants Webinar

SciencesPo are hosting a series of international applicants webinars for their Bachelors and Geographical Minors degrees. Please see below for dates and times of the scheduled webinars:

North America Minor (Reims Campus) - Tuesday 3rd October @ 14:00 BST

European Union, Central and Eastern Europe Minor (Dijon Campus) - Wednesday 4th October @ 14:00 BST

Africa Minor (Reims Campus) - Thursday 5th October @ 10:00 BST

America Latina/Caribbean Minor (Poitiers Campus) - Thursday 5th October @ 16:00 BST

European Union, Franco-German Partnership Minor (Nancy Campus) - Tuesday 10th October @ 14:00 BST

Mediterranean and Middle East Minor (Menton Campus) - Tuesday 10th October @ 16:00 BST

Asia-Pacific Minor (Le Havre Campus) - Thursday 12th October @ 11:00 BST

Who should attend these webinar?

Any student who is interested in studying a Bachelors with a geographical minor at SciencesPo.

Please do not register to attend if you have any lessons or other pre-planned activities that may overlap with these webinars.

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