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Bentley University: Admission 101 Help and Advice On-Demand

The college admission process can be confusing at times. It’s even more challenging for students during a pandemic and remote learning environment. The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in cancelled test dates or limited seating for the SAT and ACT, prompting a number of colleges and universities to temporarily suspend standardized test requirements for first-year and transfer applicants. What Does This Mean for You?

To help students and families stay on top of the college search process, we asked the experts in our Office of Admission for their best tips and advice. It’s all on our Admission 101 site, in easy downloadable PDFs.

We have topics like:

  • Understanding Financial Aid

  • Prepare for Standardized Testing

  • When to Apply

  • Creating a College List

  • Searching for Scholarships

  • Campus Visit Tips

  • Letters of Recommendation

We hope this insightful, easy-to-understand content will make the journey to college a little easier.

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