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Carnegie Mellon University extends Test-Optional Policy

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

This was Carnegie Mellon's first test-optional admission cycle, and we experienced a 25% increase in applications - the largest application increase in our history. The breakdown of students who opted to submit SAT or ACT scores for consideration was:

  • 56.8% of applicants

  • 65.8% of admitted students

  • 63.8% of enrolled students

Looking ahead, we've extended our test-optional policy through Fall 2022, removing the SAT/ACT standardized testing requirement for all first-year applicants. There hasn't yet been a decision made for testing requirements beyond Fall 2022, but we'll share updates as soon as they're available.

We're currently offering both online and on campus visit opportunities for prospective students to learn more about the Carnegie Mellon community. We'll continue to update our website as additional on campus offerings become available.

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