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Creating Value through Human Resources in Mergers & Acquisitions | Open Lecture | 17 Nov 2021 | 4pm

Creating Value through Human Resources in Mergers & Acquisitions

Wednesday 17 November 2021, 4pm to 5pm | Online

Mergers and acquisitions are one way for an organisation to grow, but they are risky and acquisitions often fail or do not deliver the intended value. In many cases, failure can be traced back to people issues, such as the lack of systematic evaluations of the acquiree’s leadership, talent, and culture, which may lead to inadequate understanding of skills, key relationships, and potential problem areas.

The consequences of failure are high and may include poor financial performance, erosion of shareholder value, weakened competitive position, loss of key talent lowered motivation and morale among remaining staff, and decreased levels of customer service and satisfaction.

In this session, we will explore the role of Human Resource Management in the M&A process, from target identification through to integration, and why it is important to have HR involved in the transaction from the outset.

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