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Environmental Studies Lecture Series

About the Lecture Series

Gresham College are hosting an environmental studies lecture series from September 2023 - March 2024.

The lecture series will discuss what we already know about toxic waste, media publications, and how we can ensure environmental protection is considered within chemical manufacturing, usage, and disposal. All lectures will be hosted by Dr Ian Mudway from Imperial College London.

Microplastics, Public Health Myth or Menace

Monday 25th September 2023, 18:00 BST

Dr Ian Mudway will review the science behind microplastics and discuss whether we should be concerned about them in comparison to other environmental hazards.

Living With the Forever Chemicals

Monday 4th December 2023, 18:00 BST

Dr Ian Mudway will how per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances are linked to cancer, liver damage, decreased fertility, and increased risk of thyroid disease and asthma. He will also discuss how we can limit our expose to them.

Lead: A Toxic Legacy

Monday 25th March 2024, 18:00 BST

Dr Ian Mudway will discuss the emerging evidence that supports the health effects of lead exposure.


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