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Free Medicine Application Webinar | 26 Jan 19:00 GMT

Webinar Name: Medicine Application: Getting Back On Track

Date: Wednesday, January 26

Time: 07:00 PM (London time)

Location: Online - Zoom

Admission: Free

Suitable for: Students in Year 10,11 and 12 (Pre-IB/IB1)

To help aspiring medics get on track with their Medicine applications, we are running a free online webinar covering the following:

  • Medicine Application Timeline

  • Medical Work Experience

  • How to Get Work Experience

  • Reflection

  • Key Deadlines/Dates to note down

  • Choosing a Medical School - Making Choices

Every attendant will also receive multiple frameworks, templates and other materials they can use on their journey to Medical school.

Spaces are limited so book as soon as possible.

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