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Interested in co-curricular experiences? Join the 1st Annual Pioneer Summit

This is an online summit (register by clicking below), designed for both students and staff. The Summit will include listening to internationally recognised speakers, such as the author Warren Berger (author of "A more beautiful question") and hearing from a range of universities about what they offer in terms of enriching experiences for school students.

You can register for their summit taking place on Saturday 1st October.

You may have heard of the terms "extra-curricular" or even "super-curricular". Both of these refer to experiences that you can do outside of the conventional classroom to showcase your passion and build skills - great material to use when talking about yourself within university applications. Extra-curricular is non-academic (e.g. sports) and super-curricular is academic (e.g. reading and academic competitions). Both come under the umbrella of "co-curricular". See below for a video about some hints and tips on useful super-curricular experiences.

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