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Join a 'think tank' with academics (on inflation and food supply)

On Thursday 29th September, at 16:15, there is an opportunity to join a think tank with academics in which they will discuss the critical issue of Food Supply & Inflation.

The speakers will be Andrew Fearne, Professor of Value Chain Management at Norwich Business School, and Peter Moffatt, Professor of Econometrics in the School of Economics at UEA. Both speakers will tackle pre-submitted and live questions from the audience, stimulating and developing the thoughts and arguments coming from students.

This will be a great opportunity for you to experience how academics think about and debate pressing and complex issues in an interdisciplinary way, whilst also getting directly involved in the discussion and sharing your own perspectives. This event will take place online and is free to join. Please note that you cannot miss any lessons or other pre-arranged St. Clare's contact hours in order to attend.

This event is open to all students, although particularly relevant to those interested in:

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