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Masterclass: Event Management: Creating a Memorable Experience Mon 27 Sept, 2021 7.30 pm BST

Designing, developing and managing an event that will create a memorable experience is the objective of every professional working in the diverse events sector.

In this free Glion Masterclass, hosted by Glion alumna and expert in the field of project management, Fabienne Rollandin, we will support that objective as we explore the numerous qualities and leadership skills required to succeed in event management.

We will look at the various types of events within the industry, and backdropped by the Glion Bachelor’s Specialization in International Event Management, we will examine the different aspects that need to be considered when organizing an event, whether it is the launch of an exclusive luxury watch or the hosting of a major sporting fixture.

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Competition: win a scholarship place on a 2022 Summer Program

As an added incentive for students to attend our Masterclasses, we’ve created a competition to win a free place on one of the 2022 Summer Programs at either Glion or Les Roches. To enter, the student must attend 2 or more full Masterclass sessions, then submit a short (250-300 words) essay on why they should be chosen for this prize.

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