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Masterclass: Why is Digital Marketing key to modern business success - 30 Sept, 2021 7.30 pm BST

During this free Masterclass from Les Roches, we’ll explore the crucial business activity of digital marketing, including social media. We’ll examine its complexities and the many channels and touchpoints organizations need to be curating in order to reach customers consistently.

Guided by the Les Roches Bachelor’s Specialization in Digital Marketing Strategies, we’ll look at the latest trends and the importance of bringing innovation to your messaging. And host, Marketing and Communications expert, Fabienne Rollandin, will deliver an overview of the various elements marketeers need to consider when shaping a successful marketing strategy and plan.

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Competition: win a scholarship place on a 2022 Summer Program

As an added incentive for students to attend our Masterclasses, we’ve created a competition to win a free place on one of the 2022 Summer Programs at either Glion or Les Roches. To enter, the student must attend 2 or more full Masterclass sessions, then submit a short (250-300 words) essay on why they should be chosen for this prize.


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