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Meet the Russel Group Webinar Series

About the Webinar Series

UK University Search are hosting a collaborative webinar alongside the Russell Group Universities, to provide you with impartial guidance to taking your next steps in your educational journey. Below is an itinerary of the different sessions you can attend.

Tuesday 30th April 2024

12:00-13:30 - An Introduction to the Russell Group and Why Choose to Study There?

16:30-18:00 - Student Life at University

Wednesday 1st May 2024

09:00-10:30 - The International Students Session

Thursday 2nd May 2024

12:00-13:30 - Researching University Options

16:30-18:00 - Personal Statements and Applying to a Russel Group University

The following universities will be participating: University of Birmingham, University of Bristol, University of Cambridge, Cardiff University, Durham University, University of Edinburgh, University of Exeter, University of Glasgow, Imperial College London, King's College London, University of Leeds, University of Liverpool, London School of Economics & Political Science, University of Manchester, Newcastle University, University of Nottingham, University of Oxford, Queen Mary, University of London, Queen's University Belfast, University of Sheffield, University of Southampton, University College London, University of Warwick, University of York.

Please do not attend if you have any lessons, exams, or other pre-planned activities which may overlap with this webinar.

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