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New Programs at Syracuse University

New Majors

The University is pleased to announce the addition of several programs to our over 200+ current offerings, including:

  • Applied Data Analytics (School of Information Studies): Students develop data analysis skills and learn to apply insights to decision-making in business, government or non-profits. You'll study R and Python programming languages, visual and conceptual data science methods and new approaches to machine learning and AI.

  • Creative Writing (College of Arts and Sciences): Combines a grounding in literary study with a workshop-style focus on writing and language. Students will learn to create complex and emotionally powerful work and join a long and storied tradition of writers from Syracuse University.

  • Innovation, Society and Technology (School of Information Studies): Explore how technology impacts society. Students study topics like misinformation, security and privacy while also learning how social media and technology influence communication, advocacy and social justice.

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