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Oberlin College: New Programs and internship scholarship scheme

We are very excited to expand Oberlin’s already vast curriculum with new academic programs:

  • Business: Business and finance constitute the third largest career path for Oberlin graduates so it’s no surprise that our new business concentration is popular among our students.

  • Global Health: Our global health concentration was already planned before COVID became part of our everyday vocabulary. Taking a holistic approach to both individual and communal health, Oberlin’s concentration in global health situates health science within a political, economic, and cultural context

  • Journalism: Print, broadcast, digital, writing, editing, production, news, sciences, arts, politics, business, national, local, international…anywhere you look in journalism, there’s a good chance an Obie has made a mark.

  • Music: Our new minor in music encompasses the creation, performance, and academic study of music, as well as community engagement and music pedagogy.

$5k Commitment for Internship

Oberlin’s new Internship+ initiative commits up to $5,000 to every student who begins their Oberlin journey in the fall of 2022. We’ll help students launch their careers with support for qualified summer opportunities including internships, research- and performance-based experiences, and other pre-professional activities.

Certified Kosher Kitchen

With approximately 23 % of Oberlin students identifying as Jewish, we recognized there was a need to expand our dining options. Oberlin broadened our commitment to Jewish life and scholarship when we became one of only a handful of liberal arts colleges throughout the country to offer students a certified kosher kitchen experience.


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