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Online Sixth Form Philosophy Conference | University of Southampton | 6-10 Dec 2021

Online Sixth Form Philosophy Conference

6th-10th December 2021

Philosophy at Southampton will host a free online conference for Sixth Form students (IB1/IB2/UFP) and

their tutors. This will involve:

• A series of short, engaging, and accessible pre-recorded talks by our lecturers. These

will be hosted on a dedicated, password-protected website.

• Students and tutors at participating schools and colleges will be able to access the

site without having to sign up for an account.

• They will then have the chance to view the videos and post comments and questions

relating to each talk at any point during the week.

• Our lecturers will post their own comments in response to yours throughout the


Provisional schedule

• Moral Philosophy:

o “Mill on Virtue”, by Dr. Brian McElwee

• Epistemology:

o “The Value of Knowledge”, by Prof. Daniel Whiting

• Metaphysics of God:

o “The Modal Ontological Argument”, by Dr. Lee Walters

• Metaphysics of Mind:

o “Wittgenstein’s Private Language Argument”, by Prof. Denis McManus

In addition, there will a talk on studying philosophy at university by Dr Will McNeill.

You need to be registered to attend by a member of staff. St. Clare's Students, please email by Monday 22 Nov. Registrations close Fri 26 November

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