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Open Class from Bocconi: Finance | 27 April 4pm CEST / 3pm BST

Are you eager to find out what it’s like to study at Bocconi? Then get a taste of the innovative Bocconi learning experience by attending our Open Classes!

Do You Know Where Your Risk Is? A primer on portfolio choices 27 April 4 pm CEST / 3 pm BST - Click here to check your time zone

The lesson

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” This popular saying is largely employed in the finance industry to underscore the importance of diversification in portfolio choices: spread your money out over different investments.

In this Open Class we give a primer on modern portfolio theory — a breakthrough in personal and professional investing alike— which suggests that investors can do better by choosing a mix of low-risk and high-risk investments than by going entirely with low-risk opportunities. By investing in more than one asset, an investor reaps the benefits of diversification: most prominently, a reduction in the riskiness of the overall portfolio.

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