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Politics Taster Lecture: How do we know who is right in political debate? | Wed 17 Nov 2021

How do we know who is right in political debate?

Wednesday 17 November 2021 – 4.30–6 pm GMT

In this session, we will address a question that we must all address in our 'normal' lives, and which is equally important at university: how does one decide which side of a debate is the right one? After all, logic requires that in any debate regarding factual questions—as, we will suggest, almost all political debates do—most, if not all, participants will be wrong. But they clearly don’t know that. So how do we? We will begin our discussion with examples, before moving on to how (we think) people usually deal with this problem. Finally, we will draw out the analytical and political implications of our discussion, and we will end by way of a conclusion that links these implications to the benefits of a politics degree.

Please note: this is a seminar-based workshop and you will be expected to have your microphone on during the session.

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