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Pre-College Summer Programmes


Session 1: 12th-23rd June 2023 Session 2: 26th June - 7th July 2023

Session 3: 10th-21st July 2023


About the Pre-College Summer Programmes

This summer programme offers you the opportunity to spend 2 weeks in the historical and artistic city of Paris exploring art, design, culture, and language. You will visit museums, studios, boutiques and organizations, complete studio work, attend lectures and conduct research projects, all of which will help you start adding to your college or university portfolio.

What programmes are they offering?

  • Sensorial Perception of Space

  • Introduction to Digital Art: Resources, Techniques and Artistic Experimentation

  • Travel Sketchbook en Plein Air

  • Paris: Drawing for Social Media

  • Creative Flow

  • Paris in Black & White

  • Fashion Illustration

  • Paris Café Culture: Create you Artist Book

  • Paris Fashion Week: Street Style Fashion Photography

  • Introduction to Interior Design: Exploration within Paris

  • Intro to Jewellery Making: The Splendors of French Jewellery

  • Dreaming & Draping

  • Drawing for Portfolio: Skills Development

  • Contemporary Illustration: Create your Paris Portfolio

  • Paris Through its Museums & Artistic Sites

  • Drawing for Portfolio in Paris: Concept Development

  • Drawing from Architecture and Interior Design

Who can apply?

To be eligible to apply, you must be a minimum of 16 years old.

When should I apply by?

No application deadline has been specified on their website.


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